Acrylic toy Diamond Hide Out

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Magic moments with our DIAMOND HIDE OUT! Almost phantastic. Creativity and curiosity are two... more
Magic moments with our DIAMOND HIDE OUT! Almost phantastic. Creativity and curiosity are two important aspects in bird care. This toy always wakes up those senses which are very important to your bird.
EXPERT's INFORMATION: In nature, parakeets and parrots move a lot, for example in search of food6. In captivity they do not need to search for food. Therefore, it is important to provide alternative movement With the acrylic toy collection of Wagner parrot owners have found a way to entertain their birds in a proper manner. Wagner's main target was to develop toys that support the intelligence of birds, beside of being affordable without any cuts in quality reuirements. Main part of this toy collection is the acrylic material, virtually indestructible and non-toxic. A perfect counterpart and durable alternative to   wooden toys. Acrylic toys are almost indestructible and never need any replacements.
Size (WxDxH):
approx. 7 x 7 x 16 cm
Suits for all parrots
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Color Bunt/Transparent
Brand HappyBird
Packaging Sonstiges
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EAN 4038374660670
Einheit Piece
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colour Bunt/Transparent
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customer reviews on "Acrylic toy Diamond Hide Out"

29 Oct 2013

Das Spielzeug ist klasse sehr stabil meine Papageien lieben es .

16 Jan 2017

Hängt über dem neuen dicken Seil gut erreichbar, wird gerne bespielt. Leider muß der bunte Inhalt immer wieder per Hand in den oberen, für die Vögel sichtbaren, Bereich zurückbefördert werden. Ist alles in den unteren Bereich gekullert, ist nichts mehr si

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