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    The extremely stable and robust scratching post Ragdoll XXL 207 by CanadianCat® is equally... more
    The extremely stable and robust scratching post Ragdoll XXL 207 by CanadianCat® is equally suitable for large and small cats. This scratching post is characterized by its extreme stability due to the extremely thick sisal column with a diameter of approx. 20 cm. The Ragdoll scratching post is ideal for a multi-cat household and also offers large and heavy noses enough choice for climbing, romping around, sharpening their claws, lying down and dozing! Varied and extra-large sleeping places invite your velvet paws to take long breaks!
    With enough space and various play and scratching surfaces, this cat tree series offers the ultimate cat paradise. It's great to play, hide, but also to withdraw and slumber in the cozy little house with velvety soft pillows, which can be cleaned quickly and easily if dirty. A highlight of the Ragdoll is the integrated reclining trough in the roof of the house, which with a diameter of approx. 45 cm invites you to cuddle comfortably. The many platforms offer enough scratching and lying opportunities on each floor. The top is the tower-high, huge and comfortable lounger with a diameter of 53 cm and a raised edge with a height of 12 cm. From there, your velvet paw has everything in view and can perfectly observe its territory. Another hammock with a diameter of 48 cm offers another cuddle opportunity at the highest heights.
    This cat tree series is ideal for a multi-cat household due to the many different and varied lying and scratching options! The heavy base plate and the many interconnected levels give the scratching post a high level of stability. This makes it particularly suitable for particularly large and heavy cat breeds.
    With a total weight of approx. 48kg and a height of approx. 207 cm, the Ragdoll 207 XXL is the ultimate luxury class from the CanadianCat Company's cat tree collection.
    Solid base plate 90 x 76 x 4 cm
    Total width approx. 100 cm
    Total height approx. 206 cm
    Size of the hammock: Ø 48 cm
    Size of the lying surface: Ø 53 x 12 cm
    Size of the house: Ø 48 x 35 cm
    Weight: approx. 48 kg
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