Cat tree Savanah 120 - gray

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The robust and stable cat tree Savanah XL by CanadianCat® is equally suitable for large and... more
The robust and stable cat tree Savanah XL by CanadianCat® is equally suitable for large and small cats. The elevated position allows an optimal overview of the home and is cuddly soft. The large and heavy base plate of the Savanah guarantees a solid stand, even when things get a little rough. The approx. 20 cm Ø thick sisal column is ideal for sharpening claws and is gentle on your furniture and wallpaper.
At the top there is a cuddly soft bed with matching pillows and raised side walls. The bed is also big enough for two. The original CanadianCat® - design scratching furniture combine functionality, design and quality in one product.
Solid base plate 60 x 60 x 4 cm
Total width approx. 60 cm
Total height approx. 102 cm
Size of the lying surface: Ø 60 x 18 cm
Weight: approx. 18kg
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EAN 4038374116207
articleweight 17.25 kg
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