XXL cat tree Toronto 2 in shadow-gray - especially for big and heavy cats

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    • C10192
    The sturdy, durable Toronto 2 XXL cat tree is ideal for a multi-cat household and also offers... more
    The sturdy, durable Toronto 2 XXL cat tree is ideal for a multi-cat household and also offers enough choice for climbing, raging, clawing, lying down and throwing! Varied and extra large sleeping places invite your velvet paws to extensive rest breaks!
    The large double sleeping cave with two separate levels offers perfect possibilities to play, hide, but also to retire and slumber. Here, two cats find enough space to retreat. In addition, there is a robust playing rope made of strong natural sisal at the plush-related upper lying surface. This and the numerous sisal wrapped scratch stems are a perfect base in order to whet his claws with pleasure. This cat tree gives your darling enough alternatives to the necessary claws care and also protects your walls, carpets, curtains and furnishings of the wild scratches of your favorite pet.

    A very special highlight is the two super comfortable hanging mats. In  which your cat or even several fur noses can snuggle together comfortably and relish with pleasure.

    The high tower finishes the luxury look including, huge and cozy cuddle beds with high edges. From there, your velvet paw has a perfect overview and can be superbly observe its territory. The cuddle bed can be easily removed from the bed plate and can be cleaned easily and quickly if soiled. In the meantime, your cat can use the double-sided and softly padded couch even without the cuddle bed.

    The scratching tree Toronto 2 XXL is suitable for a multi-cat household due to the many different and varied lying and scratching possibilities!
    The heavy base plate as well as the many interconnected levels give the scratching system Toronto 2 XXL a high stability. This makes it especially suitable for large and heavy cat breeds!

    The Toronto 2 XXL with a total weight of over 90KG is the ultimate luxury class of the scratch collection by the CanadianCat Company.

    Solid base plate 80X80x4cm
    Total width built up 153cm
    Overall height 193cm
    Lying area of ​​the cuddly bed 70x50x15cm
    Extra thick sisal columns in dark gray
    Extremely thick plush 600g / m2
    Cuddly house on 2 floors 40x40x95cm
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    customer reviews on "XXL cat tree Toronto 2 in shadow-gray - especially for big and heavy cats"

    24 Apr 2018


    Der schönste und stabilste Kratzbaum den wir je hatten ...unbedingt empfehlenswert...Top Qualität ...Kaufabwicklung inkl.Lieferung hat bestens funktioniert... ************** :) vielen Dank

    12 Oct 2018

    Genialer, stabiler Katzenspielplatz

    Hervorragende Qualität, spitzenmässiger-schnelle Aufbau! Der stabilste Katzenbaum bringt unserer Ninja Sport-und Spielspass! Dieser Spassbaum wurde sofort von ihr angenommen. Beige sieht sauber und fancy aus! Der Kratzbaum XXL Toronto ist unvergleichbar! Einmalig passt er in den Wohnbereich, mitten drin, wo auch der Stubentiger eingebunden ist. Wenn ein Kratzbaum, dann nur diese stabile, wertvolle Qualität. Preis ist angemessen. Nur Lieferung bis Haustür. Das war schade für mich als Gehbehinderte. Die Ware musste 4 Stunden gesichert werden, bis mein Ehemann die zwei schweren Pakete in den Fahrstuhl hochbrachte! Ich gab dem Liefermann noch 5 Euro Trinkgeld, damit er die Pakete zusammen neben die Haustür aussen stellen sollte, und nicht einfach in den Weg. 8 bis 17 Uhr Anlieferung mit Anmeldung ist zu lange Wartezeit. Aber die Ware hat uns dann echte Freude geschenkt. Fünf Sterne!

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