Replacement board for article C10137 - CLOUD | light gray

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    • C11137
    REPLACEMENT SCRAPING BOARD for the CanadianCat Company wall scratching board CLOUD  ... more
    REPLACEMENT SCRAPING BOARD for the CanadianCat Company wall scratching board CLOUD
    Attention: This is only a replacement cardboard. The delivery takes place without wall mounting and mounting material !!!
    Here is the article description of the main article:
    Scratching the floor was yesterday. Now it's going high!
    The new scratching board with wall mounting is here. The cloud can be attached to almost any wall with the removable wall bracket.
    With this scratching board, for example, an existing scratching post can be extended by another area, or a beautiful new lying area can be created for your four-legged friend at the desired height.
    So your cat can make use of the CanadianCat scratching board even at majestic heights.
    Due to the concealed fittings, the scratching furniture looks like it is floating.
    Size (W / D / H): approx. 70 x 30 x 8 cm
    Best of all: if your cat has been too overzealous and the scratching furniture has been too badly affected as a result, there are replacement scratching cards that are delivered without a new wall bracket, so that you can easily replace them.
    Canadian Cat Company® is a real natural product! A true cat's dream
    Every cat owner knows almost every cat's preference for cardboard boxes. Cats try to slip into even the smallest boxes. Countless YouTube videos testify to this instinctive preference.
    The idea of ​​making scratching furniture and boards from corrugated cardboard is therefore almost ingenious. Especially since corrugated cardboard has incredible stability.
    The very good properties of the Canadian Cat Company® - cat scratching boards at a glance:
    • Canadian Cat Company® atells all products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Resources are conserved in order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.
    • Canadian Cat Company® uses the finest recycled corrugated cardboard of the highest quality and 100% absolutely free of formaldehyde.
    • Canadian Cat Company® uses only harmless glues.
    • Canadian Cat Company® products are odorless.
    • Canadian Cat Company® sets the highest standards for design. All models are ergonomically shaped.
    For the cat, a Canadian Cat Company® - scratching board is more than "just a scratching post":
    Cats prefer or love boxes made of corrugated cardboard and usually hog the scratching boards immediately.
    The particularly firm surface structure also absorbs heavy loads without any problems and offers the cat the ideal opportunity to claw and scratch, no matter how big or heavy the cat is.
    Most cats immediately take their Canadian Cat Company® scratching boards to their hearts. There are often small rivalries between several cats, if you have more than one cat it is advisable to provide each animal with a scratching board.
    Lots of exercise, play and fun are important aspects of keeping your cat healthy. A scratching board stimulates not only effective claw care but also the natural play instinct of cats.
    Canadian Cat Company® Scratching boards are clawed at and scratched over by cats above average. The shapely scratching boards Cloud with wall bracket are available in dark gray and walnut.
    !!! Please note !!!
    The type of fastening depends on the wall material. Please use screws and dowels according to the nature of the wall
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