All in one -Litter Mat Taupe by Canadian Cat Company®

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    • C10320
    The ALL in ONE litter mat by CanadianCat Company   The new design opens the paw pads,... more
    The ALL in ONE litter mat by CanadianCat Company
    The new design opens the paw pads, removes and intercepts litter while walking.
    The advantages at a glance:
    - The mat is non-slip and catches the litter before it spreads throughout the house
    - the paw friendly mat design widens the paw to collect the litter
    - the mat can also catch larger quantities of cat litter
    - extra flexible and easy to clean
    - can also be used as a protective mat for food and water bowls
    Size approx:  70 x 90cm
    Material: rubber
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    Color Grau
    Brand CanadianCat Company
    express Yes
    Packaging Beutel
    EAN 4038374103207
    articleweight 2 kg
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    customer reviews on "All in one -Litter Mat Taupe by Canadian Cat Company®"

    5 Jun 2020


    Ich habe zwei BKH-Mädels, leider läuft eine davon um die Matte herum und steigt seitlich aus dem Klo. Die Zweite hat die Matte gut angenommen.

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