The Magic Cat Mat - Litter Mat - Anthracite

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    Functionality of the highest quality   By using especially durable and lightweight... more
    Functionality of the highest quality
    By using especially durable and lightweight materials the Blackhole Mat can be easily lifted and transported. The collected litter can be easily poured into the waste or returned to the litter box. The two, by velcro stipes connected, layers can be seperated with one grip. A thorough cleaning by hand under running water is therefore quickly and easy. Please note that both mats must dry completely before it should be reinstated. Functioning of the revolutionary 2-layer system: The ingenious honeycomb element is the ideal dirt collector. The velvety honeycomb with the Soft Care surface consist of a specially for this field developed high-tech foam. This provides your cat with a soft feel and cleans the remaining litter gently off the paws. The collecting element is very light and easy to clean. The litter that fallen through the honeycomb element bedding can be easily shaken off the smooth surface of the bottom layer.
    Size (W/H/D):
    58 x 76 cm
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    Color Anthrazit
    Brand CanadianCat Company
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    EAN 4038374102293
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