Amber - Amber necklaces 55cm for dogs & cats

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    Amber - Amber necklaces 55cm for dogs & cats Amber, the gold of the Baltic Sea, also called... more
    Amber - Amber necklaces 55cm for dogs & cats
    Amber, the gold of the Baltic Sea, also called Amber or Electrum, consists of fossil resin (fossilized tree resin). Amber is millions of years old. You can find amber in many colors, known and loved however it is mainly colored in the shades honey-yellow to brown. Also known as a healing stone Amber enjoys a growing popularity.
    Amber necklaces are worn on the body. This leads to friction and the stones are electromagnetically charged. This keeps ticks and fleas off the fur.
    About the positive and healing properties of amber Hildegard von Bingen and Paracelsus already reported.
    It is important that the ambers on the chain are 100% natural and were not further processed. Only then the light scent, created by friction can freely unfold of the amber necklace. The amber necklace should be worn and not only fulfills their purpose as a 100% natural tick and flea protection but is also a fashion accessory for your dog
    Here again are the benefits of Larsson - Amber Necklaces:
    All amber stones are natural, which means that these ambers were not polished and therefore still have the so-called top layer, which is known to amplify all the promised Amber healing powers in addition. The stones are individually knotted by hand
    Material: amber, stable thread
    Practical plastic screw cap. Since we are using untreated natural amber for our chains and this is slightly more fragile than treated amber, it can also happen that the individual stones shear off. This is not a defect in the product but rather a guarantee that it is really genuine natural amber. The effect thereof is not impaired.
    Note: All of our chains, that are stretched on a thread and are individually knotted, can still stretch out over time.
    Since the effect of amber and other so-called healing stones are not scientifically proven. We expressly point out that our brands and our other products do not replace a visit, or treatment at the Veterinary and we can give no guarantee to the effect.
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