Orthopedic Dog Bed CHELSEA | 70 x 55 cm | mottled brown

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    • D40609
    "The orthopedic dog bed series" from WALLACE & JONES   The Chelsea dog bed offers your... more
    "The orthopedic dog bed series" from WALLACE & JONES
    The Chelsea dog bed offers your dog a very comfortable and cozy bed for a relaxed sleep. Optimal point and pressure relief thanks to the memory foam function of the lying surface - ideal for preventing future diseases.
    It is equipped with a resilient foam mattress with memory foam function. This adapts ideally to the contours of the dog through the body's own pressure and warmth. Due to the resilient lying core, the dog's joints are relieved and thus leads to a more restful sleep for the dog. Thanks to its particularly comfortable equipment, the bed is ideal for older dogs who suffer from diseases of the joints or the musculoskeletal system.
    The lying surface is equipped with a cozy plush. The anti-slip underside offers the dog bed optimal traction.
    The side edges are generously filled with polyester wadding as an ideal support for the dog's head. In addition, the high edges give the dog bed a slightly nest-like shape. This gives your dog security and security for a restful sleep. In addition, the side edges can keep out cold drafts. The entrance to the Chelsea is lowered to make it easier for the dog to access. The cover of the side edges is made of robust and easy-care textured fabric. Smaller stains or dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The entire cover is washable and easy to remove thanks to the zipper sewn all around.
    • Memory foam function
    • Generously padded side edges
    • Washable covers
    • With anti-slip bottom
    • Zippers on 4 sides
    • Size (WxDxH): approx. 70 x 55 x 20 cm
    • Lying surface (WxD): approx. 55 x 40 cm
    Wallace & Jones has been making beautiful sleeping areas for dogs in the old English tradition since 2006. Using high quality materials, dog beds are designed with a view to perfect suitability.
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    Color Braun/Beige
    Brand Wallace & Jones
    EAN 4038374406094
    articleweight 1.7 kg
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