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Edelstahlvoliere XXL Sydney II - von Montana Cages
Stainless Steel Cage - Sydney II - by Montana...
The Sydney II stainless steel cage is the ultimate bird shelter. Our feathered friends have ...
from €1,299.90 *
instead: €1,799.90 *
Edelstahlkäfig | Sydney I für Sittiche und kleine Papageien von Montana Cages
Stainless Steel Aviary for budgies, cockatiels,...
The little brother of Sydney II The Sydney offers enough space for finches, parakeets, small ...
from €699.90 *
instead: €999.90 *
Anbaukit für Edelstahlvoliere Sydney I und II von Montana Cages
Expansion kit for Stainless steel Sydney I & II...
With this mounting kit you have the opportunity to expand the Sydney I or II Montana by any 90 x ...
€799.90 *
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