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    The trendy pyramids with the feel-good scent of catnip will quickly become the favorite... more
    The trendy pyramids with the feel-good scent of catnip will quickly become the favorite companion of your velvet paw! The patterns of the soft fabrics were designed with love. The pleasant scent of the plant immediately attracts the attention of curious cats and promotes their play instinct. Experience the fascination of your cat when playing with the cuddle-pyramids: they are thrown around, carried or it is also bitten with great joy - but your cat can also be very gentle with this pyramid .
    The cuddle- pyramid is a real eye-catcher in every living environment and in every cat's bed. Thanks to a practical Velcro on the side of the cuddle pyramid can be filled with any new cat weed.
    stimulates, activates and animates
    Refillable thanks to an velcro opening on the side
    Beguiling from the beginning on: The filling of the pillow is particularly soft due to a special cotton fleece filling. The stimulating scent of catnip is simply irresistible to your velvet paw.
    For the love of the cat
    The filling material used cotton wool neither represents a support for germs, nor do they form a suitable breeding ground for mites and mold. When manufacturing the cushions, neither glue nor parts that can be dropped off or swallowed are used.
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