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Fußspielzeug "Lolly Pops" - im 10er Pack
Wood Lolly Pops - 10 pieces
10 Wood Lolly Pops made out of wood. A wonderful hand toy to throw, nibble and play with. Size ...
from €8.90 *
instead: €10.90 *
Versteck-Spielzeug "Snack Rack"
Hideaway-toy "Snack Rack"
A funny toy, a tube with twist-off closure. Easy to fill with treats. You will be surprised how ...
from €14.90 *
instead: €19.90 *
Sittichspielzeug "Sea Handle" von Happybird(R)
toy for parakeets "Sea Handle" made by...
Budgies and dwarf parrots are big fans of the Sea Handle, which is made from a comfortable perch ...
from €5.90 *
instead: €7.20 *
COCONUT FUN I  - Spielzeug für Papageien
Coconut Fun I made by Wagner's (R)
This is an ideal toy for all birds which like to shred things! It is made from a coconut half ...
from €14.90 *
instead: €16.90 *
Buffet Ball - der Futterballl, ideal als Tisch- und Fussspielzeug
Foraging Ball
Bowl from acryl, easy to open to be filled with toys, wood parts, sisal and treats. One of our ...
from €6.90 *
instead: €8.90 *
Holz Perlen Medium
Wooden Pearls Medium
Spare parts - Wooden pearls medium Refill set.
from €3.32 *
instead: €3.90 *
GLOCKEN-FUTTOMAT für clevere Papageien
GLOCKEN-FUTTOMAT for clever parrots
Your bird is a real clever one? It always looks for challenges? Here we go: The ...
from €16.90 *
instead: €19.90 *
Fleece Skinny Ring von Happybird(R)
Fleece Skinny Ring made by Happybird(R)
Fleece Skinny Ring - a swing made of fleece, many birds dream about. Long and soft fleece strips ...
from €5.90 *
instead: €9.90 *
DIY-Kit und Nachfüllset LARGE
DIY Kit refill kit LARGE
Wooden balls, wooden cubes and cylinders made of wood and two wooden balls with a cotton core ...
from €5.02 *
instead: €5.90 *
Vogel-Sitzbrett aus Natur Kork - Large
Corky Chew Large
A piece of cork (100% natural product) attached with a screw thread with a wing nut to attach to ...
from €7.95 *
instead: €8.95 *
DIY HOLZ - Domino
DIY Wooden - Domino
DIY - Domino from wood. Domino is a jigsaw puzzle with square tiles. Fun for everybody Size: ...
from €5.87 *
instead: €6.90 *
Baumwollspirale für Papageien "Cotton Curl" für den kleinen und mittleren Papagei
Bird Toy "Medium Cotton Curl" for Parrots
This large Cotton Curl with metal core is ideal for medium to large sized parrots. Size: ...
€16.90 *
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