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Papageienspielzeug Swinger Twinger III
Bird Toy "Swinger Twinger III" for Parrots
Wooden toy with a lot of cotton and leather strips to play with. Ideal for climbing and ...
from €12.90 *
instead: €14.90 *
Wellensittichspielzeug BUDGIE II
This toy has been specially developed for budgies and smaller parakeets and parrotlets. It ...
€3.05 *
Fußspielzeug "Lolly Pops" - im 10er Pack
Wood Lolly Pops - 10 pieces
10 Wood Lolly Pops made out of wood. A wonderful hand toy to throw, nibble and play with. Size ...
€10.90 *
Versteck-Spielzeug "Snack Rack"
Hideaway-toy "Snack Rack"
A funny toy, a tube with twist-off closure. Easy to fill with treats. You will be surprised how ...
€19.90 *
Sittichspielzeug "Sea Handle" von Happybird(R)
toy for parakeets "Sea Handle" made by...
Budgies and dwarf parrots are big fans of the Sea Handle, which is made from a comfortable perch ...
from €6.12 *
instead: €7.20 *
COCONUT FUN I  - Spielzeug für Papageien
Coconut Fun I made by Wagner's (R)
This is an ideal toy for all birds which like to shred things! It is made from a coconut half ...
from €17.91 *
instead: €19.90 *
Buffet Ball - der Futterballl, ideal als Tisch- und Fussspielzeug
Foraging Ball
Bowl from acryl, easy to open to be filled with toys, wood parts, sisal and treats. One of our ...
€8.90 *
GLOCKEN-FUTTOMAT für clevere Papageien
GLOCKEN-FUTTOMAT for clever parrots
Your bird is a real clever one? It always looks for challenges? Here we go: The ...
€19.90 *
Holz Perlen Medium
Wooden Pearls Medium
Spare parts - Wooden pearls medium Refill set.
€3.90 *
Fleece Skinny Ring von Happybird(R)
Fleece Skinny Ring made by Happybird(R)
Fleece Skinny Ring - a swing made of fleece, many birds dream about. Long and soft fleece strips ...
from €5.90 *
instead: €9.90 *
DIY-Kit und Nachfüllset small
DIY Kit refill kit small
Wooden balls, wooden cubes and cylinders made of wood and two wooden balls with a cotton core ...
€5.90 *
Vogelspielzeug "Eis am Stil" für Sittiche & Papageien
Vogelspielzeug "Eis am Stil" für Sittiche &...
"Small Vari Fan" oder "Eisstilvergnügen, nennt sich dieses bunte Vogelspielzeug "Zerstören" ist ...
€7.90 *
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