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    The next step in our development of modern scratching boards is the Comet. It fits in every... more
    The next step in our development of modern scratching boards is the Comet. It fits in every living environment, is available in two sizes and two colors and rightly deserves the name scratching furniture. A flat and a curved side invite you to claw, scratch, but also doze and lie down. Cats prefer or love corrugated cardboard boxes and usually take the scratching boards immediately. The particularly firm surface structure easily absorbs large loads and offers the cat the ideal opportunity to claw and scratch, no matter how big or heavy the cat is. Also included is a serving of catnip to get used to.
    The properties of the CanadianCat Company® - cat scratch boards at a glance:
    • CanadianCat Company® manufactures all products sustainably and environmentally friendly. Resources are conserved in order to keep CO2 emissions as lowaspossible.
    • CanadianCat Company® uses the finest recycled corrugated cardboard of the highest quality and 100% absolutely free of formaldehyde.
    • CanadianCat Company® uses only harmless glue.
    • CanadianCat Company® products are odorless.
    • CanadianCat Company® sets the highest standards in design. All models are ergonomically shaped.
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    Color Hellgrau gemasert
    Brand CanadianCat Company
    EAN 4038374100954
    articleweight 1.05 kg
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