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    Included in the set is one cat scratching board Galaxy and two scratching boards Wave in a... more
    Included in the set is one cat scratching board Galaxy and two scratching boards Wave in a natural wooden look.
    Size Galaxy XXL  (W / H / D): about 99 x 26,5 x 33,5 cm
    Size Wave XXL  (W / H / D): approx. 86 x 27 x 11,5 cm
    CanadianCat Company® products are true natural products. A true cat dream!
    The very good features of the CanadianCat Company® cat scratching boards at a glance:
    - CanadianCat Company® makes all products sustainable and environmentally friendly. Resources are spared to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.
    - CanadianCat Company® uses the highest quality recycled corrugated board and 100% absolutely free of formaldehyde.
    - CanadianCat Company® uses only harmless glues.
    - CanadianCat Company® products are odorless.
    - CanadianCat Company® sets the highest standards in design. All models are ergonomically shaped.
    For the cat, a CanadianCat Company® scratching board is more than just a scratching post. Cats prefer or love boxes made of corrugated board and take the scratching boards usually immediately in fog. The extra-firm surface structure easily absorbs even heavy loads and offers the cat the ideal opportunity for clawing and scratching no matter how big or heavy the cat is. Most cats immediately put their CanadianCat Company® scratching boards in the heart. Often it comes to small rivalries between several cats, if you own more than one cat it is advisable to each animal to provide its own scratching board. Lots of exercise, games and fun are an important aspect of keeping your cat healthy. A scratching board stimulates not only effective claw care but also the natural playfulness of cats.
    CanadianCat Company® scratching boards are more heavily attacked and scratched by the cats. The shapely scratching boards of the Jumbo series  are available in natural and walnut optics.
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    Color Natur gemasert
    Brand CanadianCat Company
    express Yes
    EAN 4038374101029
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